Sunday, January 22, 2006

We Love McDonalds!

Here's the Cardon Clan at McDonald's one day over the Christmas break--the perfect place to let the kids run wild and let the old people talk.
Ella loved the ice-cream--her aunts and uncles love to introduce her to all sorts of new yummy things.
Ladonn went up into the playland with Ella and brought her down the slide.
Grandma loved playing with Krista and Ella on the toddler slide.
The crazies up in the tower. This look out was fun because it looked right over where we were eatting so Ella could wave at all of us.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some of Ella's Firsts...

Ella's first electric mixer beater with whipped cream.
Yummy. She's all smiles now but it was quite the opposite when it came time to let the beaters go. She's really getting the tantrum thing down. Ah, joy.
After the suggestion from Aunt Kilene, Mom put in Ella's first full pigtails. She was really happy about it...
Freedom, sweet freedom. This is later that night when we took them out. It was a good fro.

And this is my favortie bed head yet. It really isn't fair that this hair adorns the head of someone who at this point could really care less. I wish I could borrow her hair for a few years. Is that wrong?

Some of Ella's Utah Favorites

One of her favorite Christmas presents was a little rocking bug. It plays 'You Are My Sunshine'. She goes crazy on this thing. She gives it loves and kisses.

Here she is out in our backyard playing in the snow. She is still getting used to having things covering her hands. It drives her crazy not being able to touch everything.

Tom decided to it was time that Ella started learning how to shovel the driveway. "Who needs a snow blower when you have kids?" So he put her in the Bjorn and out they went. (Can you see me just silently shaking my head?)

She loved it!

Friday, January 13, 2006


Here is the entry way and front closet. It's amazing how different it all looks now that is painted. I'll work on getting some newer pics up.

Stairs to upstairs (3 bedroom, 2 bath). There is also a basement with a large storage room and guest bedroom and bath.

I love the hardwood floors in the kitchen/dining area. It's kinda funny to look at pictures of our house with someone elses furniture in it.

Step down family room. I love how open it is and we always feel together. The door on the right leads to the laundry, garage, and basement. To the left are the doors to the backyard.

We were so excited to inherit this awesome playset. Ella loves the swings. It is fun having a yard. I can't wait for spring--to get out and plant my garden.

Home Sweet Home

Here is the front of our new home. All these pictures are back from November before we moved in. I'll have to do a serious clean/decorate job before I put up new pictures.

Here is lovely Apple Tree Dr.

This is the front living room. The front door is too the right of the picture, right behind that chair. The picture was taken from up on the stairs looking down. I love the all the windows and the tile windowsill for plants.

Same front living room. The high ceiling goes up and over to the kitchen.