Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Story of the Giggle Sisters

I got them to stand still for a picture...
One click and then the are off chatting.
So, I quick get in front of them to snap a shot of this hilarious conversation.
Which of course, ends with them falling down, rolling on the ground laughing. These two are so close, that one of the greatest horrors I can imagine is if something happened to the other. Today at church the primary kids got chocolate chip cookies. I happened to be in there because I was subing. Ella walks back to me and hands me half of her cookie and tells me I have to take it to Ruby in nursery...she settled for me saving it for her after church. After her ballet classes, Ella's teacher gave them each 3 Skittles. Ella would always walk out to Ruby and give her first pick of the colors. These pictures really just make it all worth it. It's ok if I have love handles and my house is a mess and I haven't scrapbooked in 2 years. Life is good.

Sweet Summertime

Enoch loves the water. He could be out playing all day.
The girls took swim lessons together and had a lot of fun.

We hit the Thanksgiving Pt. splash park about once a week. It is probably my favorite water venue because Enoch can just crawl around and go crazy. And I promise I am not totally white trash--I was in the process of getting his swim gear on. I just wanted you to be able to feel the love from the rolls. The boy is in heaven. He turns one this week.

The thing I love about summer is the heat. Not just because I love sunshine but also for the way it completely exhausts my children. I take them out to swim and I am guaranteed a 2 hour break while they nap. I didn't get that in the winter.
Ruby turned 3. She has been dreaming of that day for months. She had a Scooby Doo themed swim party--the girl is obsessed. You can't see it buy she is even wearing a Scooby shirt.