Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ruby is 6 Months Old!

Here's my Ruby Joy! She's my big shot. She is long (and not too delicate) and has almost graduated to 12-18 mo. size clothes. She weighs just over 20lbs. (which Ella didn't hit until after she was 1 years old) and Ella is 25lbs. Watch out. She is getting quite mobile with her combination rolling and army crawl. When she sees something she wants, i.e. her daddy's toes or Ella's goldfish, there is no stopping her.
I love every roll on this little bit of love.
Here are the girls with Grandma and Grandpa Gardner over Christmas break. Ruby and Grandma are having a nice chat, while Grandpa and Ella are just chillin'.
Ella is enjoying the fact the Ruby is getting more playful and wrestling worthy. They are laughing in this picture because as soon as I'd take the picture Ella would fall back, bringing Ruby with her and then they'd both roll around laughing.
I love this face.