Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. I am sorry, but I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Here we are off to the trunk or treat. The girls love the Wizard of Oz, so we thought it would be fun to do a family theme. I love this picture...Enoch's big smile, Ruby skipping along merrily, carrying Enoch's bucket for him...excitement.

The girls loved having Tom as the Tin Man. Enoch wasn't bothered by my green face or wig at all...I thought he would get a little freaked out. I had him in the bathroom with me while I was putting it all on, so maybe it gave him time to get use to the idea.
Ruby got a little overwhelmed by all the strange people and costumes. She didn't want her picture taken and only got 3 pieces of candy (while I was standing by her and when I said 'trick or treat'). She was clinging to her silky --'Lions and tigers and bears, oh, my'.
Ella looked so cute as Glinda. She had a fun halloween this year. For each different function, she would choose a different costume: a witch for school parade, Tinkerbell for ballet, and Glinda for trick or treating.
Pictures will never capture how ridiculously cute Enoch looked in this lion costume. The first time I tried it on him, he wanted nothing to do with the hood. The next time, I took him to a mirror so he could see himself. We practiced roaring and he got the idea. From then on he left his hood up and would walk around roaring at everyone.

Flash back

I thought it would be fun to put Enoch's one month pictures up right next to his 15 month, so you can really see the difference. Everyday that passes I lose my baby just a little more. I know that I am supposed to just enjoy each moment but there is always a sadness for me, that my children will never be as they are right now. They change and grow, and my babies just slip away from me. Don't get me wrong, everyday is more fun and he only gets cuter...I don't know really how to explain it, but for me motherhood is so bitter sweet.

Fall...My 100th Post

We went for a short hike up the mountain for family night. The leaves were so beautiful!
Here is Ella. She turned 5 this month. She is growing up way too fast...5 going on 20.

Ruby's latest phrase is 'you bobble-head', which she says with an impish grin to anyone who tries to talk to her. These girls are really something else.

Friday, September 11, 2009

One more picture...

If I could freeze him/time I would. This is how I will remember him as a baby. Fat and happy. Right now he is lying in his crib singing the Elmo 'La-la's... cute, kid, now go to sleep.

My Baby is Growin' Up!

Enoch is officially walking, but is still working on the standing up on his own. So he crawl to something to help him stand (wall, couch, stairs, my leg, ect.), pulls himself up, walks until he loses his balance and then starts all over again. Everyday he is up for longer stretches. I am so happy. Now maybe his knees won't be callused and black.
So handsome! Honestly, this kid never stops smiling. It could be a problem how much I love this kid. I am pretty sure there are going to be days when I will have to close my eyes, focus on the fact that he was breech, just so I can say, "No". I am wrapped.
He loves to play guitar, just like Daddy. Rockin' the Rolls!

The other day at Thanksgiving Point, I let Enoch have his own ice cream cone (they're free). He was in heaven. Of course, most of it ended up in his lap...I have really come a long way since Ella. I never would have let her do this in public. Poor 1st child.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Cake

As I was lighting the candle, I was worried about Enoch burning himself. But he was having so much fun having everyone sing to him that he didn't even notice the cake.
It took him a minute to figure out that the cake was for eatting but once he did, there was no stopping him. I will never have a cake with red frosting again. It was everywhere.
I took out of his high chair and took him directly to the bath tub.

I was worried that the red was going to turn his hair pink but luckily it all came out in a couple of washes.
All clean and snuggley in his pjs. I tried to take his picture with Daddy, but he had such a sugar high. He kept screaming and was very excited/hyper. Then he just crash and it was off to bed.

Happy 1st Birthday, Enoch!

I keep looking at this picture and I can't believe how old Enoch is. I cannot get my mind around the fact that he is 1. Where did this year go? He is such a big boy now.
In the morning the girls and I gave Enoch his presents (Tom had school down in Provo at 7am and missed the wake-up party :( ). I liked this picture of Ella showing Enoch how his phone opens and closes.
Once he figured out what it was and how it worked, he was so excited!
Happy birthday, Enoch! I think Ruby is watching Scooby Doo in the other room...
When these 3 party, it usually ends with Enoch getting just a little too much love.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Story of the Giggle Sisters

I got them to stand still for a picture...
One click and then the are off chatting.
So, I quick get in front of them to snap a shot of this hilarious conversation.
Which of course, ends with them falling down, rolling on the ground laughing. These two are so close, that one of the greatest horrors I can imagine is if something happened to the other. Today at church the primary kids got chocolate chip cookies. I happened to be in there because I was subing. Ella walks back to me and hands me half of her cookie and tells me I have to take it to Ruby in nursery...she settled for me saving it for her after church. After her ballet classes, Ella's teacher gave them each 3 Skittles. Ella would always walk out to Ruby and give her first pick of the colors. These pictures really just make it all worth it. It's ok if I have love handles and my house is a mess and I haven't scrapbooked in 2 years. Life is good.

Sweet Summertime

Enoch loves the water. He could be out playing all day.
The girls took swim lessons together and had a lot of fun.

We hit the Thanksgiving Pt. splash park about once a week. It is probably my favorite water venue because Enoch can just crawl around and go crazy. And I promise I am not totally white trash--I was in the process of getting his swim gear on. I just wanted you to be able to feel the love from the rolls. The boy is in heaven. He turns one this week.

The thing I love about summer is the heat. Not just because I love sunshine but also for the way it completely exhausts my children. I take them out to swim and I am guaranteed a 2 hour break while they nap. I didn't get that in the winter.
Ruby turned 3. She has been dreaming of that day for months. She had a Scooby Doo themed swim party--the girl is obsessed. You can't see it buy she is even wearing a Scooby shirt.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Springtime Bliss!

This is going to be short because I have 20 pages left in my book but I have been trying to take more pictures of the here are a few of my new favorites. We are having so much fun being outside again. We can't wait for Easter this weekend--we have already started into the candy!

Enoch, my little man, is 8 months old!

Can you see some of the pizzazz/drama I get to deal with with my girls? (Can I have 2 with's?) These 2 are 2 sides of the same coin--as different as night and day but inseparable. They wear all the same clothes...makes shopping easy, although it doesn't seem to make more room in their dresser...uhmmm.

I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Night

I love this picture. It's a problem because I look at it and I want to have 5 more kids. I just have to remind myself of grocery shopping, bathtime, getting dressed and ready by 8:30am, and all the other moments of insanity. But here are my three buddies all ready for bed, so cute and happy and it is hard not to want this to last forever...
(Ruby has some chocolate on her face. She is my little mouse, it doesn't matter where I hide the treats she can always find them.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Almost Spring!

I love this time of year! The anticipation for the beautiful Utah spring. I cannot wait to play outside again. To get my garden started--my crocus and daffodils are already on their way. Here is my angel boy--he is 7 months. He continues to be the happiest, easiest kid. He loves sitting up and playing with anything he can get his hands on. His favorites are his cars, paper and plastic bags (well supervised of course).

Tom took Ella skiing for the 1st time a few weeks ago. She did quite well. I think Tom was excited to finally have a girl excited to go with him...I would rather spend my money on a massage. I just really don't like being cold...and paying for it?

Here's Froggy...Ruby didn't want her picture taken. This is her frog that she is obsessed with--he comes everywhere with us.