Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun Day at Lagoon!

Tom's company, Delta Valve, held their annual summer party at Lagoon. Ella has been so excited. The other day she asked, 'Mommy can we pleeease go to the swamp today?'. I had no idea what she was talking about. I don't make a habit of taking my kids to the swamp. So I asked her what the swamp was like--'what's at the swamp?' She said, 'You know...the place with the roller coasters'. Oh, Lagoon. How she knows that a Lagoon is kind of like a swamp, I have no idea. I've given up trying to understand how she is so stinkin' smart. Definately Tom's side of the family.
Needless to say, they were in heaven. There was no fear, and Ruby was tall enough to go on all the rides Ella did, so they were crazy happy together.
Here they are in one of there excited giggle hugs waiting for the ladybug ride.
My glamour girl in my new $3 sunglasses ( I know they're a little ridiculous but they were the perfect price for the way I (my girls) go through my sunglasses.)
I wish I would have taken this on video. I held up Enoch's monkey today for him to look at. He started cooing and smiling at him like they were old buddies. It was seriously the cutest thing. One of those mommy moments that I hope I don't forget (which is really asking a lot of my brain--thank goodness for journals).

Enoch's Blessing

Three Generations of Gardners! We were so excited to have Grandpa Gardner and Uncle Stew come out for Enoch's blessing. Grandma Gardner is still recovering from back surgery and was unable to come...we are excited to see her for the holidays in Kansas. The girls loved getting to know their Grandpa better. While he was here we worked and played. He helped us clean out our storage room and garage to get the house market-ready. Then we had a picnic at the park. Grandpa treated us to McDonald's--the girls were in heaven.
I love this picture.
It has become a tradition that Tom dresses the kids in their whites (I'm usually running like crazy trying to get to be on time for church). I love the way that E is looking up at his Daddy...ready for his big day.
Here is Enoch with his gorgeous Grandma Cardon. She was just call to be Relief Society President! So now instead of just busy, she is crazy busy. This week she leaves for a month in Italy with her dad. I can't think of many people who deserve it more--I am going to die without Grandma a phone call away...
Here is how Enoch enjoyed most of his special Sunday. It was so nice of him to sleep and let me eat all of Uncle Robert's delicious food! I LOVE THIS BOY!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ella Lost Her Tooth

Ella fell today and knocked out her front tooth. I don't know who cried more--Ella or me. I am suffering from a serious case of post-baby-cry-at-anything. I'm a disaster really. You know it's bad whenyour 3 year old says, 'it's ok, Mom. My tooth is all better'. She was a real trooper.