Thursday, August 28, 2008

Park Daze with My Girls

The girls live to go to the park, especially now as the weather is cooling off a little. We usually go in the morning--Enoch naps in the stroller and the girls run off some energy. Within a few minutes, Ella knows every child's name and is organizing games, while Ruby finds the biggest slide and tries to break the current speed record.
My little minnie...
My joy...Ruby has gotten pretty blonde this summer. I love it.
Here is Aunt Gen playing in the sprinklers with the girls (Mom isn't that fun and crazy).
Our park time always ends with a walk to the stream. The girls love to go on the bridge and throw leaves down to the water. It's perfect because the path wraps around and back to the parking lot (away from the slides...).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Enoch (little Tom) is 1 Month Old!

My angel boy.
Clean and bright.

Here is Enoch on Aunt Michelle's quilt with the monkey that Ella and Ruby made for him. I am going to take this picture every month for the first year to watch him grow.

Bath time

Enoch takes his bath very seriously--he always furrows his brow in the bright window light.

He is all clean and snuggled favorite.



Ella is in love with Enoch (Ruby is warming up to him...).