Friday, August 18, 2006

Ruby's Blessing

Ruby was blessed on Aug. 13th. We were so lucky to have all of the Gardner family here and most of the Cardons. We had a wonderful dinner to celebrate Ruby's blessing and Tom's birthday. It was so fun to have everyone together in our home. It felt like Christmas.
Tom bless Ruby that she would be 'calming waters' in our home. And she truely is. She is pure bliss. She's either smiling, looking wide eyed, eatting or sleeping.
Here she is catching up with Daddy after scout camp (Doesn't he look hot all ruff and scruffy?).
Here's my new favorite picture of Ruby. Karissa, put the camera down and back away. I can't stop taking pictures of my girls.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Some Firsts...

Our first family picture with Ruby. Ella couldn't take her eyes off Ruby.
Ruby's First Bath given by Grandma Cardon.
Ella's first time holding Ruby.
Ruby's first family hike was up at Alta.
One of Ruby's many smiles. She is the happiest, sweetest, most patient baby. She is three weeks in this picture.

Here's Ruby!!!

Here we are at the hospital. We got checked in at about 8am and Ruby was born at exactly 2pm.
She wasn't to happy about being on the outside. I love this face.
Here Ruby is showing off her long legs and her big feet.
Here's the Gardner Girls. Ella came to visit that first night.
Here our beautiful new daughter.