Friday, September 11, 2009

One more picture...

If I could freeze him/time I would. This is how I will remember him as a baby. Fat and happy. Right now he is lying in his crib singing the Elmo 'La-la's... cute, kid, now go to sleep.

My Baby is Growin' Up!

Enoch is officially walking, but is still working on the standing up on his own. So he crawl to something to help him stand (wall, couch, stairs, my leg, ect.), pulls himself up, walks until he loses his balance and then starts all over again. Everyday he is up for longer stretches. I am so happy. Now maybe his knees won't be callused and black.
So handsome! Honestly, this kid never stops smiling. It could be a problem how much I love this kid. I am pretty sure there are going to be days when I will have to close my eyes, focus on the fact that he was breech, just so I can say, "No". I am wrapped.
He loves to play guitar, just like Daddy. Rockin' the Rolls!

The other day at Thanksgiving Point, I let Enoch have his own ice cream cone (they're free). He was in heaven. Of course, most of it ended up in his lap...I have really come a long way since Ella. I never would have let her do this in public. Poor 1st child.