Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Few Favorite Things

Ella LOVES to cook. Sometimes, if I'm in a hurry, I have to sneak around the kitchen quietly, so she won't know I starting something. Here she is making Christmas sugar cookies. She is getting excited to make heart ones for Valentine's Day.
Here she is with a mouth so full of dough she couldn't even deny it.
I love this girl.
Another of Ella's favorite things is date night with Dad. Here they are off to the planetarium downtown. She got all pretty and was just beaming.
Ruby's two favorite things are phones and sunglasses. Once she sees either it's all over. She will climb any height, move any obstacle to get to them. We now keep the cell phones on top of the fridge and I've just kind of given up on my sunglasses.


Ella turned 3 and had a cute costume party with 3 of her best girls friend.
Happy Thanksgiving! Ruby made a little pilgrim hat with Grandma Cardon.
Of course, Ella wanted to be the native american--she was still on a roll from Halloween.
Snow, snow, snow. The girls have loved going out to play with Daddy in the snow. Yesterday, we got about 18 inches. A little too much for my taste.
My cutie snow bunny.