Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Little Behind--

I lived through the Primary program once again. So I thought I'd get back to life and put some pics up. Here we are at our ward trunk or treat party. Ruby had gotten an early start on the chocolate. This party was a good lesson. We let the girls eat candy and they were up until 10 p.m.--wild. Now they don't eat candy after 6 p.m.
Here is Ella eatting at her birthday party. She's finally 3 -- she thought this day would never come. For a few weeks after, she'd wake-up and ask me, "Mommy, am I still 3?"
'This is a hold-up.' Oh, the endless war of 'I want want she has'. And believe me this battle goes both ways. I think Ella is hiding some candy behind her back (notice Ruby is holding a full bag of candy in her hand).
Happy Halloween, partner!
Trick or Treeeeeat!