Monday, April 30, 2007

More Tulips

We went to see the tulips with Robert, Michelle, Reed, Amanda, and James. Ella had her own personal tour guide in Amanda, who chauffeured her around.
Here's we are by the water fountain in the secret garden.
The kids had fun splashing around--it turned out to be quite a warm day.
Giddy-up, Daddy. After quite a lot of walking, the girls took turns getting a ride from Dad.


Tulips at Thanksgiving Point

When the adventure starts off with a pink sprinkled doughnut, you know it's going to be beautiful.
The flowers were amazing and the spring weather was perfectly warm.

The girls had so much fun running around and seeing all the different gardens.

Aquarium with Grandma Cardon

Grandma Cardon came to town to buy a condo (very nice in South Jordan). She'll be moving out here in June. We are soooo excited to have her close. While she was here we got to go to the Sandy Aquarium. (I didn't get the pink memo...)
Everyday Ruby is more fun. She is alway so happy and love to be out doing stuff--unless of course it nap time and then all she wants is her silky and bed.
Riley, Ella's best friend, came too. Riley is the girl that LaDonn takes care of. Look, Mommy, it's NEMO! Ruby liked the sharks the most. They kept swimming right by her--such a yummy morsel. In this picture, you can see the tiger shark on the other side of the glass right by her hands. Ruby got so excited.

Friends from Cali!!!

We had such blast when some of our dear friends stopped in from California. First, the Farnsworths (Nate, Ashley, Hailey and Brook) came to stay. We all had a great time laughing and eatting yummy food.
It was too short but definately sweet to see the girls become best buddies again.
Then Lena and Lily Kubota came to stay. Timo was on a business trip, so the girls came to stay with us. Lily and Ella had some good chats.
Lily is a little doll--so cute and happy. The girls loved her. The morning after they left, Ella kept asking, "When came Lily come back to play?". Hopefully, we'll see her soon at the beach!

Grandpa and Nancy Came to Town!

The girls loved spending time with their Great-Grandpa and Grandma! I don't know how Nancy didn't get caught by my camera--she's sneaky! She made her wonderful meatball sauce and stuffed mushrooms. We had quite the feast!
Grandpa serenaded Ella...
which won him a great big kiss!
She loves her Grandpa! It was great fun to have them stay with us.

Happy Easter!

Ella was so excited this year for the big egg hunt. She loved to find an egg and then sit down to enjoy it's contents...
Here is Tom pointing out some of the hot spots before the race begins. There was also some coaching along the lines of "pick of the egg, put it in your basket and then quick try to find another one".
Now that Ruby is mobile and in to everything, Ella has become quite a concerned about her things. Here she is not so gently explaining to Ruby that this egg is 'minnnneh'. Ruby is such a good sport--she just smiles at the Ella, knowing that her time will come.

Here is Ruby going for the basket of eggs. She is pulling herself up and loves walking with help...won't be too long.

April showers bring May flowers...The Easter Bunny brought the girls some dress up flower headbands.