Monday, January 19, 2009


I guess I am going to be doing quarterly updates on my really, I will try to be better. I have come to a very liberating realization lately: I don't have to do all the little things that don't really matter unless I want to. I have let go of quite a few things that I felt like I had to be doing to be the ultra woman. I have tried to slow down and just enjoy my kids and just do the things that I really want to. Why is it so hard to be truly content with things just as they are? I want to be happy without changing a thing outside of myself. Happy 2009! (That is really hard to type and mean considering I am going to be 33---deep breaths, Cardon.)

Christmas morning: Ella and Ruby being distracted from the presents by Grandpa Gardner (just getting home from an all nighter at the ER), while Grandma is busy getting breakfast made.
Enoch and Mommy lounging in the massage chair--that's the way to wake-up.

The girls had fun playing in the snow and exploring the woods around Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Here is Enoch--he is 5 months old now and rolling around. He is 97% in height, 95% in weight--big and oh-so-happy. I am obsessed with this child.