Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Cake

As I was lighting the candle, I was worried about Enoch burning himself. But he was having so much fun having everyone sing to him that he didn't even notice the cake.
It took him a minute to figure out that the cake was for eatting but once he did, there was no stopping him. I will never have a cake with red frosting again. It was everywhere.
I took out of his high chair and took him directly to the bath tub.

I was worried that the red was going to turn his hair pink but luckily it all came out in a couple of washes.
All clean and snuggley in his pjs. I tried to take his picture with Daddy, but he had such a sugar high. He kept screaming and was very excited/hyper. Then he just crash and it was off to bed.

Happy 1st Birthday, Enoch!

I keep looking at this picture and I can't believe how old Enoch is. I cannot get my mind around the fact that he is 1. Where did this year go? He is such a big boy now.
In the morning the girls and I gave Enoch his presents (Tom had school down in Provo at 7am and missed the wake-up party :( ). I liked this picture of Ella showing Enoch how his phone opens and closes.
Once he figured out what it was and how it worked, he was so excited!
Happy birthday, Enoch! I think Ruby is watching Scooby Doo in the other room...
When these 3 party, it usually ends with Enoch getting just a little too much love.