Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little Bits of Summer

Baby time is almost here!! I've gone into denial mode, although it's getting harder and harder to forget my huge belly. My mom and sisters threw me a wonderful shower with lots of yummy food.
I got talked into taking one belly picture (for the baby book)'s baby.
The girls love to go to Costco because they can ride in the cart together (and because I usually just get lunch and berry smoothie). This is a classic picture of their sisterly affection. I need to do an entire page of just the bear hugs over the last two years.
Summertime is backyard swimming picnic dinners with dad at the grill and all you can eat popsicles for dessert (then straight to the bath). Ruby is wearing Tom's shoes and Ella is just striking a pose--why not?
Here's Dad with his girls. He is fully loving how wet he is getting right now--hence the half smile.