Monday, January 23, 2012

Catching up 2012

So, things have been a little crazy lately and I have received some 'encouragement' to update my blog. Here is a quick update on how we are doing....

Last summer, Enoch got to go on his first Fathers and Sons camp out with Tom. Enoch has become quite the little man.

This summer I did my first mud run with some dear friends in my book club. It was a blast, especially the giant bubble slip n' slide at the end.

Over the summer Tom was working out in CA, so we just had to go out and visit him (and Mickey).

Here is Ruby enjoying her ice-cream while we waited for the parade.

Enoch love being able to 'drive' his own teacup. I think we went on that ride about 6 times.

Sweet summertime!! Grandpa and Grandma Gardner gave us a fabulous hammock. We enjoy many lazy giggles together lounging in the hammock.

Ruby, Silky and Cuddley are quite the trio--never apart. Ruby has started a collection of Teddy Bears.

Enoch loves all things 'gaming', i.e. Mario Kart, Angry Birds, Fancy Pants, ect. He earned this Angry Bird when he graduated to his big boy bed.

Enoch started preschool this year. It took a little getting used to. His favorite part of school is play time.

The girls are at Crescent elementary together this year (Ella in 1st and Ruby in Kindergarten). Ella loves math and Ruby loves art.

One highlight of the year was being able to go see "The Little Mermaid" at Tuachan outdoor theater down in St. George. It started as a girl's trip but we got rained out. So, we drove back down 2 days later with Dad to see the show.

Part of your world...

Poor unfortunate souls...

For her 7th birthday, Ella got her dream purple ipod. She lives with it and diligently charges it every night. She rocks out to Kidz Bop, primary songs, Wicked, and enjoys listening to her Treehouse books.

For Halloween we did a Mario Kart theme. Enoch was the devious Waluigi.

Ella was an elegant Princess Daisy.

Ruby was a perfect Princess Peach.

Ella started gymnastics and piano this fall and loves it. Ruby lives for Wednesdays when she has her art class at the community center. Enoch has been taking a swim/sports class, which helps to expend some of his endless energy.

Ella continues to loose teeth on a regular basis. She just gets cuter with every one.

Last week Ella went up to Primary Children's Hospital for an overnight stay to clean out her little system to try to get her feeling better. It was quite the process. She was a very good sport. Enoch came to have a Popsicle movie party.

The people at Primary's were very good to us. Ella enjoyed endless crafts, boardgames, movies, slushies and Popsicles. We are so glad that everything went well. She is feeling 100% better.

Life is busy and wonderful. I am consistently in awe of how lucky I am. I could not ask for more. This year Tom and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I love him more today than I did on our wedding day. I can't believe I got so lucky. I would not change a thing.