Friday, March 28, 2008

Ward Easter Activiy

Our ward had a fun Easter breakfast. Here are the girls sitting with the large bunny family. Ruby just loved these bunnies--she kept giving them hugs and kisses. Ella just wanted the egg hunt to get started.
These two are quite the combo...Ella the insatiable entertainer and Ruby the constant supporter. Ella loves having someone to always laugh at her silliness (i.e. a basket on her head).
Once Ruby discovered that there was candy inside those plastic eggs, she became quite the enthusiast.
They both had a ball. This year we ended up having 4 egg hunts, so they are well stocked on candy . Except for the jelly beans, we can't quite figure out where they all went. I think a crazy pregnant lady got to them.
We hope you are having a perfect spring--it's my favorite time of year. I am feeling great at 22 weeks along. This is the nice time of pregnancy--not too big, not too sick, and not to tired. We are having a boy and are very excited. We are on the look-out for the perfect name, so if you have any suggestions... Ella is insistent that his name is Max (Max and Ruby--a T.V. show).